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Fancy feeling Appy?

Home to the worlds largest collection of Movies, Sports and Boxsets.

Watch whatever, whenever, using a wide range of apps on your TV. More to watch and less to pay.

Make your TV Appy and save money!

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Netflix, think Appy TV

The best way to keep up to date with all the latest boxsets is with Netflix and the best way to enjoy Netflix is with Appy TV.

Netflix is based on a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time.

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Catch up with the latest series or re-watch some of your old favourites.

APPY TV will make any TV a smart TV with access to inrivalled content, meaning you can watch any Sport, Movie or Box SEt from around the world instantly.

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Never miss a game again. All the best sports available, when you are.

You get everything you could ever want on your TV, from watching and recording your favourite programs to accessing a world of entertainment.

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Keep up to date with all the top new films or watch an old classic again.

APPY TV frees you from the TV guide. We don't tell you what to watch and when to watch it, You do.